Below is a list of the available providers and their data centers:


DigitalOcean is headquartered in New York City, with data centers available in the following locations.

  1. New York City, United States

  2. San Francisco, United States

  3. Toronto, Canada

  4. London, United Kingdom

  5. Frankfurt, Germany

  6. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  7. Singapore, Asia

  8. Bangalore, India

  9. Sydney, Australia


Linode has 11 data centers located around the globe.

  1. Newark, United States

  2. Dallas, United States

  3. Freemont, United States

  4. Atlanta, United States

  5. Toronto, Canada

  6. London, United Kingdom

  7. Frankfurt, Germany

  8. Singapore, Asia

  9. Mumbai, India

  10. Tokyo, Japan

  11. Sydney, Australia


Vultr is a fast-growing cloud infrastructure provider with 19 data centers worldwide.

  1. Seattle, United States

  2. Los Angeles, United States

  3. Chicago, United States

  4. Miami, United States

  5. Silicon Valley, United States

  6. Dallas, United States

  7. Atlanta, United States

  8. New York, United States

  9. Toronto, Canada

  10. London, United Kingdom

  11. Paris, France

  12. Stockholm, Sweden

  13. Frankfurt, Germany

  14. Amsterdam, Netherlands

  15. Seoul, South Korea

  16. Singapore, Asia

  17. Mexico City, Mexico

  18. Tokyo, Japan

  19. Sydney, Australia


Can I Select a Data Center?

Yes. To select a data center you can go to Servers > Creates here:

Then select the data center location you’d like to use for your new server.

Can a Data Center be Changed?

No. While it is possible to select the data center used by a site at the time of creation, it is NOT possible to easily change the data center after a site is created.

To change the data center after a site is created, the site would need to be cloned, selecting the new data center when creating the cloned site. Once the clone is finished, the domain should be removed from the current site and added to the clone.