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Steve is amazing! Supported me through the whole way of fixing an issue with the nameservers not propagating correctly.

Alexis Sampedro

Manager, Star Marketing

Best decision I made to join 2 years ago when I started my ecommerce website. Support is second to none, thanks!

Pete Tork

Owner, Tork Digital

Love what you have done with the platform over the years, the additonal fuctions are just what was needed to match the performance.

Sally Gunn

Developer, MessageLabs

Trusted company, customer with them for years, always prompt and concise support from Sam. Recommend!

Sam Colwich

Manager, Digitas

Anytime I have a query, they are always happy to help me resolve it. Always there to help. Recommend 100% support is excellent.

Martha Kafka

IT Director, Fine Dine

Fantastic professional advice. Their highly trained technical staff quickly got to the bottom of a problem that had completely foxed me!

Jody Caporal

Owner, Laminate Solutions

Great hosting solution for all your WordPress projects – both new and established. The service they provide is stable, secure, and super fast for WordPress.

Harry Palmer

Director, Baha

I can’t say enough good things about Pressillion. I highly recommend their managed server and managed website hosting hosting platform if you are a developer.

Max Harding

Design Lead, Pixel Place

I am passionate about website performance. It takes a hosting company committed to performance to match that passion and Pressilion definitely delivers.

Yolande Saffron

Developer, Web Central

I moved all my client’s WordPress websites to Pressillion hosting a couple of years ago and it was the best decision I ever made.

Suzie Hopkin

Head of Development, Devtree

I have been a happy customer for 2 years. From their free site migration from another platform, to their automatic WP updates, they have made hosting very easy.

Simon Green

Digital Director, Acid Rain

I have several client wordpress sites hosted with you, and recommended to other developers to use your platform. Everything is going really well. Totally recommended!

Jamie Cording

Director, Flux.

As I mark the start of my 3rd year hosting with you, I’m compelled to express my complete satisfaction with your WordPress and WooCommerce hosting services. The exceptional quality and service provided are unparalleled.

Chad Walker

Development Manager, White Hats

The performance and reliability of their hosting have been consistently outstanding, contributing significantly to the success of my wordpress projects. Their customer support is particularly noteworthy – always responsive and knowledgeable.

Sean Paterson


Everything is done right, seriously I have built 3 marketing companies in 20 years, hosting thousands of sites and tested multiple platforms. The platform has everything I ever needed

Reed Jay

Entrepreneur, Various

Simply the best host I’ve been with by far and I plan on staying here. First off – support. They did my migrations. All of them. Super fast and no issues unlike previous migrations I did!

Mikle Bumble

Tech Leader, Cloud Infotech

Support is fantastic, you can have multiple sites and servers. When I do my speed tests now, it’s higher in all countries. I only wish I would have found this site years ago.

Dan Smithers

Manager, Click Creative

Impressive support. Performance is top notch, and the support is insanely responsive, recommended 100%!

Dan Pugh

Business Owner, Apex Digital

Moved everything from Kinsta! Amazing service from the team. Always online to answer questions very quickly with a lot of knowledge about WordPress and servers.

Sado Miller

Development Director, Successive

The team genuinely make every encounter a lesson and a blessing. They go above and beyond in performance and support.

Luke Evans

IT Manager, Golden Eagle

After moving to pressillion from WPengine PHP worker limitation is completely mitigated. The website can now easly handle 300 orders per minute, where WPengine maxed out at about 7.

Sean Paterson

Website Manager, DIGITA

Whatever my query, the team is undeniably the best I’ve ever come across in the 16 years of SEO agency experience and I’m thankful to have them as an extension of our team.

Frank Ash

Director, Cosmic

Fast response, a real person who knows what they are doing. Michael was a great help in navigating the platrform, and super friendly

Kellie Cumbria

Multiple, Nectar

Everytime, and I mean everytime, they go above and beyond my expections.

Craig Cho

Website Delivery Manager, Code Zero

By far the best hosting company we have ever worked with. Everything about their service is first class and provides us the best security, speed and support available. They have provided exceptional service time and again. I truly feel they are an extension of our team.

Mark Rana

Commercial Director, Always Open

I think I’ve been using these guys for about 2 years now. Hosted about a dozen sites. Nothing is ever a problem and they’re customer service is amazing!

Trish Jonas

Delivery Manager (acting), Firebox

I love how fast and how helpful the staff are. They answer queries and provide help – real, human help, so you can just get things done quickly. This is so valuable to our business and clients.

Donna Heck

Interim Manager, Uncanny

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