Publishing & Media WordPress Hosting

Experience scaleable media-ready managed WordPress hosting.

We cater to customers with demanding regulatory requirements which can be complex and overwhelming. But we’re here to help ensure your hosting stack and WordPress site meet compliance objectives.

“I get dependability, great support and performance. They are proactive rather than reactive which is why they host all of our publishing WordPress websites.”


100% Uptime

We have achieved an impressive 100% uptime. With over a decade of specializing in WordPress hosting, We have earned our position as a top tier managed WordPress hosting solution for enterprises. No one does it better.


203ms average response time

Our optimized instances deliver lightning-fast response times averaging 203ms. Activate caching to reach every corner of the globe. It’s just what we do.

67 Global data centers

Choose from multiple cloud providers with a combined 67 server locations, we have everywhere covered. We’ll work with you to handle any hosting situation— no matter how demanding or complex. When you win, we win.

13 milliseconds

Pressillion’s P95 performance test response time. Our team work hard to ensure your media sites perform at their peak efficiency. We know that it’s our job to make you look good, and we take that very seriously.

Trusted media WordPress solutions

Hosting plans that you can scale up or down to optimise operational needs

Media Class WordPress Hosting

Our robust managed hosting service features multi-region redundancy, enhanced SLAs, and personalized technical account management.

Bespoke Deployments

Enhanced SLA

Dedicated TAM

Compliance Ready

From £2,000/mo

Business Class WordPress Hosting

Featuring developer friendly tools, shell access, and support, these managed WordPress hosting plans deliver scalable performance and robust security.


Standard SLA

CI/CD Integrations

Amazing Support

From £8/mo

I can’t say enough good things about Pressillion. I highly recommend their managed hosting platform if you are responsible for a business website being online 100% of the time

Flexibility and customization

Each project is never the same. You need a hosting partner that can customize to the needs of your clients. We work with you to handle any situation that arises, no matter how complex. It’s just what we do.


Go viral

Rest easy knowing your site will not go down — or even slow down — during traffic surges. We work with you to create a custom hosting plan that scales with your requirements.

Here to support you

When you win, we win. That’s why our team of WordPress specialists is always available to support you. We work closely with our media partners to ensure client satisfaction is always achieved.

A real partnership

Our team work hard to ensure your publisher sites perform at peak efficiency. As your hosting needs change, we’ll work with you to add new capabilities and provide the technology and resources you need to expand.

Disaster recovery

Trust in our comprehensive backup strategy. Real time snapshots and automatic daily backups, stored offsite for 30 days. You can restore or download it with one click in your dashboard.

Secure enviroment

We worked hard to build our comprehensive, baked-in security service, we keep your WordPress environment secure from potential threats and patch known vulnerabilities. So you don’t have to worry about it.

Our team of experts

With Pressillion, you gain a true partner and a team of expert support staff. We work with you to accommodate your needs without compromising on speed or performance.

When you partner with us, our fast WordPress hosting solutions evolve to meet your needs. You’ll go from frustrated to freed up, which means more time to focus on growing your business.


Focus on your business with fully managed WordPress hosting services

Whether you’re looking for a home for one WordPress website or all of your client sites, Pressillion has the right pricing, features, performance, and support to help meet your goal.