Premium WordPress Hosting for Agencies

Experience unparalleled WordPress hosting. Specially tailored for agencies.

Let us manage your:

  • Performance enhancement
  • Server security updates
  • Server administration
  • Website migrations
  • Scalability specifications
  • WordPress core, theme and plugin updates

Reliable hosting partner

With over a decade of specializing in WordPress hosting, We have earned our position as a top tier managed WordPress hosting solution for Agencies. No one does it better.

Flexibility and customization

Each project is never the same. You need a hosting partner that can customize to the needs of your clients. We work with you to handle any situation that arises, no matter how complex. It’s just what we do.

Here to support you

When you win, we win. That’s why our team of WordPress specialists is always available to support you. We work closely with our agency partners to ensure client satisfaction is always achieved.

A real partnership

Our team work hard to ensure your client sites perform at their peak efficiency. We know that it’s our job to make you look good – you rely on us as your hosting partner, and we take that very seriously.

I can’t say enough good things about Pressillion. I highly recommend their managed server and managed website hosting platform if you are a developer.

Our team is your team

As a managed WordPress hosting provider, we know you need more than just a place to host your client’s websites.

You need a partner to do the backend work automatically behind the scenes, so it’s one less thing to worry about.

We take the burden of updates, security, performance monitoring, and server maintenance so you can focus on growing your agency.


Save time

If you’re running an agency, you know the value of removing low-level technical tasks from your to-do list. Don’t worry. We’ve got you!

Save money

It’s like your agency has a team of tech experts without the overhead of an actual IT department because we’re here to take care of your clients website needs.

Speed and performance

We realize clients will abandon you if their sites don’t load fast and work properly. We help ensure your clients have the best possible experience with your agency.

Rock solid stability

We are here to help you capitalize on our cloud-based architecture that ensures your clients sites are available when it matters most, and we back that promise with a 100% uptime SLA.


Security and peace of mind

Security is a concern for every business. We prevent and mitigate threats and meet all your compliance objectives with advanced server security, monitoring, and extensive scans.

All the tools you need

Developer tools that bring power and flexibility to make your teams jobs easier and quicker. Run commands, automate tasks and troubleshoot with quick access to the right tools.

Free website migrations

Pressillion makes migrating multiple client sites to our platform quick and easy. Do it yourself with an automated migration plugin, or let our team do it for you.

Our free website migrations eliminate the hassle of moving your client’s sites and save you time.

Not sure if you migrated your client sites correctly, even after following instructions? We get that anxiety! Contact customer support, we’ll take a look and make sure everything is ready to go live.

More agency recurring revenue?

Our affordable, feature-rich managed WordPress hosting empowers you to earn more while spending less time maintaining your client websites. That means lower overheads, more money in the bank, and happier clients who stay with you longer.

Our team of experts

With Pressillion, you gain a true partner and a team of expert support staff. We work with you to accommodate your needs without compromising on speed or performance.

When you partner with us, our fast WordPress hosting solutions evolve to meet your needs. You’ll go from frustrated to freed up, which means more time to focus on growing your business.


Fequently asked questions

Is Pressillion right for my agency?

We offer value-rich pay-as-you-go WordPress hosting. That’s right no contracts! Plus there are lots of customization options that suit agencies that have varied clients really well.

You can sign up free and choose from hundreds of cloud servers from multiple providers. This allows you to optimize operational costs based on each client site you need to host, the storage you need, and the bandwidth the site will use each month.

To speak with a Pressillion team member about customizing a plan or getting a demonstration of our platform, start a live chat with our sales team.

Can you move my all of my client's sites to your servers?

Absolutely! We offer free migrations of all your clients WordPress websites to our hosting platform. Just sign up and get in touch with support to get started.

Will my client's sites perform better on Pressillion?

Our platform delivers the best possible speed and reliability. Most agencies see a significant improvement in performance after migrating to us. Plus, you can contact our support team for advice on how to get the most out of your WordPress site.

Why do agencies choose Pressillion?

Agencies trust us to keep our promises and consistantly outperform other hosting platforms. They count on our team to simplify, consolidate, and optimize their website setups and provide the ongoing maintenance. Expertise and our support team make Pressilion the perfect choice for agencies looking for a hosting partner.

Do you provide multiple free SSL certificates?

Yes, we provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL with every website hosted with us without limit, which is installed automatically.

How many client sites can be hosted on the same server?

Although we provide the freedom to our customers to add more than one website on the same server, there isn’t straightforward answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors such as traffic on your website, pages per visit, and server specification, etc.

However, as a guiding example, if you choose a 1GB server, it can handle 5-6 small websites having combined web traffic up to 50K page views per month.

Focus on your business with fully managed WordPress hosting services

Whether you’re looking for a home for one WordPress website or all of your client sites, Pressillion has the right pricing, features, performance, and support to help meet your goal.