Why Choose Pressillion Over Kinsta?

Both Kinsta and ourselves here at Pressillion are exclusively focused on WordPress hosting services, yet we differ significantly in our business approaches and pricing models. Prospective clients often inquire about the comparisons between our services, prompting us to elucidate the key differences here as objectively and fairly as possible.

If you’re seeking insight into distinguishing features between Pressillion and Kinsta to determine the optimal choice for your business, you’re in the right place.

You get a higher performance at a lower price



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Business approach

Kinsta operates as a managed WordPress hosting provider with a premium pricing structure. They initiate pricing at $30/month for a regular site, featuring a transparent tier system for seamless plan upgrades based on your requirements. Renowned for their exceptional reputation in the industry, Kinsta is widely acknowledged as one of the leading WordPress hosts.

Pressillion, on the other hand, grants users the authority to establish their own managed WordPress hosting service. Instead of leasing constrained resources directly from a host, our SaaS platform enables users to provision and manage their own enterprise-capable WordPress servers. Our primary clientele includes WordPress agencies and developers.

In terms of funding, Pressillion has received a seed round, including a strategic investment. We retain full control over our business and its direction, allowing us to invest in crucial areas as we see fit.


Kinsta utilises Google Cloud Compute servers, installing their own LEMP stack on them. Their plans revolve around unique visits, disk space, and PHP workers, aiming to avoid overage fees by proactively notifying users about usage and allowing temporary modifications to plans. Their platform boasts a user-friendly interface with multiple one-click options for website management.

Pressillion empowers users to provision servers from various high-quality VPS providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, among others. Users have complete control over their infrastructure and can manage websites and servers using our software and control panel.

Pricing model

Similar to most managed hosts, Kinsta bases their pricing on metrics like PHP workers and monthly website visits. However, such pricing might necessitate higher plans for minimal additional PHP workers, a reason why many WordPress agencies are transitioning to Pressillion.

Pressillion offers a straightforward pricing model with no set plans but a simple pay-as-you-go model designed to aid WordPress professionals and agencies at various stages of their hosting journey. With no preset server limitations or arbitrary traffic caps, servers can handle what they can handle within their capacity.

Pricing comparison

Kinsta’s pricing initiates at $30/month for a regular site, providing additional plans for more sites. Some features Kinsta offers include a CDN, Cloudflare Enterprise features, and a custom APM tool, not included in Pressillion.

Pressillion incorporates multiple features not available in Kinsta, such as selecting any CDN you choose, server customization options, daily backups, remote backup options, Redis object caching, DNS integrations, multiple Web Application Firewalls, and server-level security configuration options.

Additionally, the cost savings with Pressillion could easily cover services like BunnyCDN or Cloudflare APO, enhancing performance compared to the free Cloudflare service they provide.


Both Pressillion and Kinsta provide 24/7 support dedicated to WordPress, offering high-level WordPress-specific assistance. However, Pressillion doesn’t incentivise users to increase server resources as a revenue model, unlike Kinsta. Kinsta’s excellent support is sometimes limited by platform restrictions.

Pressillion remains independent from infrastructure providers, enabling server customisation advice and cost-efficient server acquisition.

Stack and performance

Kinsta operates on an optimized Nginx stack on Google Cloud Compute with superior performance. Nevertheless, Kinsta’s structured service might prompt swift plan upgrades for sites like WooCommerce, learning management systems, or multisites.

Pressillion offers stack options like Nginx, providing customisable defaults ideal for most WordPress websites. This flexibility allows users to tweak PHP workers as needed, ensuring efficient performance tailored to specific site requirements.

In summary, Pressillion caters to WordPress agencies and professionals seeking more control over their hosting service, enabling flexibility, customisation, and cost-effective solutions, making it an ideal choice for those looking to grow their WordPress-based ventures.

In terms of performance, Pressillion confidently competes with any managed hosting company. Both Pressillion and Kinsta have participated in annual testing, achieving top-tier recognition.

Which service is right for you?

If you only have one or two websites with relatively low traffic (and you expect it to stay at less than 25,000 total visits per month), Kinsta may be the better option for your business.

If you’re a WordPress agency or developer and you’re seeking to amplify your monthly revenue from your hosting offering, Pressillion is purpose-built to meet your needs. By opting for Pressillion, you’ll not only save a considerable amount of money each month but also enjoy enhanced flexibility and the ability to host diverse types of websites, supported by our dedicated team and comprehensive knowledge base.

Are you aspiring to establish a high-end hosting service and integrate a consistent, predictable stream of recurring monthly revenue into your WordPress business? We’re here to provide guidance and support throughout this journey.

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