Why Choose Pressillion Over Flywheel?

Both Flywheel and ourselves here at Pressillion are 100% in the groove of WordPress hosting services, but we’ve got different beats when it comes to business and pricing models. We occasionally get asked by potential clients how we jam out compared to each other, so let’s riff on the key differences here, keeping it lively and straight up.

If you’re digging into the differences between Pressillion and Flywheel to pick who’s spicing up your business better, you’ve hit the right stage.

You get a higher performance at a lower price



Lowest Plan
Vertical Scaling
1-click scaling RAM, CPU & Storage
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Cloud Providers
Multiple providers
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Sites Included
Hosting Type
Cloud servers
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Flywheel is a managed WordPress hosting player that hits you with a premium for their hosting services. They kick off with plans starting at $15/month for 1 regular low traffic site. They’re part of the WP Engine family now and serve both SMEs and WordPress pros, focusing on the lower to mid-end of managed WordPress hosting.

Pressillion is made for you to create your own managed WordPress hosting service. Instead of tapping into strictly defined resources from a host, you can fire up and handle your own powerhouse WordPress servers through our SaaS platform. We primarily work with WordPress agencies and developers.

Pressillion has received a cool round of funding, even snagging a strategic investment. But we’ve kept a tight grip, 100% in control of our business and direction, dropping beats where we know they matter most.


Flywheel utilises Google Cloud Compute servers, installing their own LEMP stack on them. Their plans revolve around unique visits, disk space, and PHP workers, aiming to avoid overage fees by proactively notifying users about usage and allowing temporary modifications to plans. Their platform boasts a user-friendly interface with multiple one-click options for website management.

Pressillion empowers users to provision servers from various high-quality VPS providers like DigitalOcean, Vultr, Linode, AWS, among others. Users have complete control over their infrastructure and can manage websites and servers using our software and control panel with no limitations on OHP workers or unique visits.

Pricing model

Flywheel, like most managed hosts, pegs their pricing on arbitrary metrics and can hit you with overage charges. The restrictions on “visits” and server customisation often push folks to upgrade. This is why many agencies are moving from Flywheel to Pressillion.

Pressillion’s pricing is direct. As you bring more sites and servers into your mix, you ride the groove. No preset server or site limits, no boundaries on pageviews or bandwidth. Your servers dance to their own beat, with predictable pricing.


Pricing comparison

Flywheel starts from $15/month for 1 regular site on their “Tiny” plan, scaling to $115/month for 10 sites, including multisite networks (with an extra fee). They throw in the option to use the Genesis Framework and Studiopress child themes, a CDN, and malware cleanup. All great, but with what you save with Pressillion, you can easily snag a Genesis license, and BunnyCDN brings incredible value for CDN needs. Cloudflare’s free, but plays a to a different rhythm.

Pressillion’s jam-packed with features Flywheel doesn’t include: server customisation, daily backups, offsite backup options, DNS integrations and multiple WAFs at no extra beat.

With the backup band at your service, we provide Malware removal at no additional cost which is snappy for your sites.


We both rock 24/7 support, dedicated to WordPress, offering stellar WordPress-specific support. We’re both at the heart of WordPress, unlike those jacks-of-all-trades serving various markets.

The key riff is that we’re not pushing you to pump up your servers for the sake of our money. We’re independent from infrastructure providers, guiding you to fine-tune your server rather than just amping it up. You’re in control, shaping your servers to your site’s needs. Those $10-$20 VPS options can blast through traffic.

Flywheel’s support vibes within the platform’s limits, so if you need more power, views, or anything out of the ordinary, you’re singing the upgrade song. Pressillion simply doesn’t play by those rules.

Stack and performance

Flywheel grooves on a well-optimised Nginx stack for WordPress, rocking Google Cloud Compute’s setup and a CDN. They’ve got a strict beat that could prompt an upgrade if you’re spinning WooCommerce or learning systems. Getting top performance might make your wallet wince.

Pressillion is the only stage offering multiple options. Our developers let you tweak your server setup. Our presets shine for most WordPress sites, but you can fine-tune them as needed. Need more PHP power for WooCommerce or LMS? No issue. Flywheel offers no such tunes; it’s a set playlist, and your only encore is probably a higher plan.

Performance-wise, we’d joyfully go toe-to-toe with ANY managed hosting crew any day. Both us and Flywheel earned our stripes in the highest enterprise category


These are the key gig differences between our services:

  • Pressillion helps WordPress agencies and pros build their hosting scene, saving big bucks as they ramp up their game. Pressillion suits WordPress agencies/pros better, while Flywheel vibes with individual website owners or developers not drumming up WordPress hosting for recurring monthly beats.
  • Pressillion gives you the reins for enterprise-grade servers; Flywheel grooves on a slice with strict visitor, bandwidth, and disk space limits.
  • Flywheel includes malware cleanup, Genesis Framework, and a CDN.
  • Pressillion includes server customization. Flywheel brings solid infrastructure but it’s a regimented, one-size-fits-all groove – issues might just demand a bigger plan.
  • Pressillion provide a Web Application Firewall (WAF).
  • Pressillion hits the stage with daily local backups and the power to jam with remote backups at Amazon S3, Backblaze B2, and Wasabi.

Which service is right for you?

If you’re spinning one or two sites with low traffic (under 25,000 total visits per month), Flywheel could hit the right note for your business.

If you’re a WordPress agency or developer looking to elevate your hosting game for monthly gigs, Pressillion’s stage is set for you. Save money monthly, enjoy more flex, and groove with our support crew and knowledge base.

Dreaming of building a top-notch hosting scene and adding smooth, regular revenue to your WordPress mix? We’re ready to jam with you on that ride.

Ready to make us your new hosting partner?

Our WordPress experts deliver industry-leading managed WordPress hosting with top-tier performance, a 100% uptime SLA, and 24/7 expert support.