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Struggling to choose the best managed WordPress hosting provider? We know it can be hard. Discover how others compare to Pressillion’ ultra-fast servers and find the right hosting for you — even if it’s not us.

Why choose our powerful multi-cloud hosting?

Our enterprise grade hosting incorporates state-of-the-art technology to deliver unbeatable site speeds, scalability, and security. We back that up with a 100% uptime guarantee and 24/7 managed WordPress hosting support.

For all those who hate switching hosting providers

Just like moving house, we all know migrating your hosting is a recipe for stress and anxiety. To avoid this in the future, pick the right hosting provider today.

Choose a hosting partner that:

  • Won’t charge you a premium for a website
  • Won’t put your website on a shared server
  • Will migrate all of your websites free of charge
  • Will let you scale resources as you grow
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“I switched from Kinsta and I get the same dependability for almost a third of the cost. I wish I had found Pressillion earlier. Great support and performance that’s left me feeling like I found the right place to host all of my sites.”

Pressillion alternatives

WP Engine

Pressillion gives you more speed, storage, and bandwidth at lower rates for unlimited sites.


Pressillion lets you choose where your site is hosted and how it’s built for total control.


Pressillion delivers fast, reliable sites your business can depend on.


Pressillion solely focuses on building the best WordPress hosting solution. Cloudways serves multiple markets.


Pressillion is the SiteGround alternative for people who can’t rely on shared hosting.


Pressillion gives you full server access to edit and optimize your servers and sites as much as you want.


Pressillion is the Pressable alternative that has more hosting plans and 67+ data centers.

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Unparalleled performance

When you host at Pressillion, you are using the fastest WordPress performance you can find. Page speeds are lightning fast when you have an auto-scaling, high-availability platform.

Our custom resource management system protects your site when sudden traffic occurs. Your site would go down elsewhere, but our system deploys more PHP workers to keep your WordPress site up and running.

Enterprise-level scalability

We’ve built our platform on open-source technologies that automatically scales based on your ever-changing needs. We integrate with best-in-breed technology partners like AWS, Vultr, and Linode to optimize their technology specifically for WordPress.

With unlimited bandwidth and intelligent load distribution, our cloud infrastructure is designed to handle sudden traffic spikes and surges with ease.


Expert support

Don’t ever settle for subpar support! With Pressillion, you get fast, friendly, 24/7 support from WordPress engineers. Our team is proud of our 97% satisfaction rating, and we are always working hard to keep it that way.

Think of us as your nerdy tech partner, staffed by some of the best WordPress specialists in the world. We’re here for you 24/7 to ensure your website runs at its best.



 “Simply fantastic WordPress hosting. Transferred from another hosting provider. Support did all of the work for me and everything worked perfectly.”

Fequently asked questions

Is managed WordPress hosting worth it?
Absolutely! When you utilize managed WordPress hosting, you take advantage of a platform built to run WordPress at ultimate performance and includes additional features like the right server resources, auto-updates, and staging environments. WordPress is built so you can control all tasks related to your site entirely on your own. Sometimes though, these tasks can take time to set up and manage, so professionals benefit from the reliability of a managed WordPress hosting provider.
Why is Pressillion the best hosting for WordPress?

Pressillion is counted among the best hosting providers for WordPress thanks to its speed, performance, security, and uptime. Moreover, this WordPress hosting provider offers you the ultimate choice from the leading cloud infrastructure providers, i.e., DigitalOcean, AWS, and Vultr etc.

Can I still use C-panel with your hosting?

No, you will not find cPanel access. This is because our managed WordPress dashboard is easier to use and besides, we handle all tasks typically found with cPanel. Managed WordPress hosting includes the installation of WordPress, operating server-level caching, creating a performant infrastructure, creating backups, security, and more features that get done automatically for you.


Can I run Woocommerce on your hosting?
Of course! We built all our managed WordPress plans to handle new or established WooCommerce stores with a lot of traffic.
What payment methods do you support?
We accept all major Credit/ Debit Cards (i.e. Visa, MasterCard, and American Express). Alternatively, you can pay via PayPal upon request. Please contact our chat support for more details.
What is managed WordPress hosting?
Managed WordPress hosting means the host manages all the technical aspects of running your WordPress website. Our servers are configured in a way that it is best suited for WordPress-based websites resulting in a faster load time and better user experience.
Do you provide free SSL certificates?

Yes, we provide free Let’s Encrypt SSL which as installed automatically on every website.

How many websites can be hosted on the same server?

Although we provide the freedom to our customers to add more than one website on the same managed cloud server, there isn’t straightforward answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors such as traffic on your website, pages per visit, and server specification, etc.

However, as a guiding example, if you choose a 1GB server, it can handle 5-6 small websites having combined web traffic up to 50K page views per month.

If you have a Woocommerce store we recommend having 1 website per server or you may group them by type and host them on bigger servers.

What is the difference between managed and shared hosting?
The main benefit of using managed WordPress hosting is that it’s optimized around WordPress websites. Managed hosting takes care of all the details of your site, leaving you not to worry.
Especially if you are hosting high-traffic websites that need extra care. Managed WordPress hosting is built for performant WordPress websites. Unlike managed WordPress hosting, typical shared web hosting services don’t offer any special features and you end up spending much your time making sure your website is running smoothly.
What type of hosting is best for WordPress?
Managed WordPress hosting is the best hosting for WordPress. The server configurations are made for the nuances of the CMS and ensure that WordPress is highly performant. A managed WordPress hosting solution is the best option if you have a high-traffic site.

Free website migrations

Pressillion makes migrating multiple websites to our platform quick and easy. Do it yourself with an automated migration plugin, or let our team do it for you. Our free website migrations eliminate the hassle of moving your website to save you time and money.