When attempting to add a website to Pressillion and encountering domain names with international characters (e.g., ô and î), it’s crucial to convert these into “Punycode” format before provisioning them on your server.

What is Punycode?

Punycode is a representation of Unicode using a limited ASCII character subset, specifically designed for Internet hostnames.

Why Punycode Conversion?

The Pressillion UI may return an “invalid format” error when trying to provision a domain with international characters.

Therefore, it’s essential to convert such domain names into Punycode for successful provisioning.

Using Punycoder for Conversion

Punycoder is a helpful website that facilitates the conversion process. Follow these steps:

  1. Access Punycoder: Visit Punycoder using your web browser.
  2. Enter Domain Name: Input the domain name with international characters into the provided text field. For example, if the domain is “prêssîllîôn.com”, enter it into the Punycoder website.
  3. Conversion Process: Punycoder will display the Punycode representation of the domain name. For instance, “prêssîllîôn.com” in Punycode appears as “xn--prsslln-kya2bc0e.com”.
  4. Copy Punycode Domain: Copy the converted Punycode representation (“xn--prsslln-kya2bc0e.com” in this case). This is the correct format that our platform will recognize and accept for provisioning the website.

Domain Names with International Characters


In summary, while domain names with international characters like “prêssîllîôn.com” won’t provision on your server directly through Pressillion, converting them into Punycode format (“xn--prsslln-kya2bc0e.com”) using Punycoder enables successful provisioning.

Utilize Punycoder to convert domain names with international characters into Punycode, ensuring compatibility for adding websites on your server hassle-free.