To have your presence felt in today’s marketplace, a digital presence is equally important to ensure that you leave that much-needed impact on your audience.

That is why having a website is the key to unearthing this great potential.

A stylish and interactive website will ensure that you take advantage of the rising opportunity to capture real and live traffic that you can convert into leads or sales.

When you want to make it and make it big, it is very important to differentiate yourself from the websites that your audience is using.

There are millions of websites to choose from and it is up to the user to be cautious with them because developers and clients are the major contributors to this catastrophe.

To ensure that this trend of poor quality websites popping up every minute is controlled, it is very wise to look at how the clients and developers alike contribute to this bad and very contagious habit.


With unrealistic expectations, the client can contribute to a website’s end even before it begins. Unfortunately, many clients do not have enough knowledge of what a good and functional website should have and deliver.

Many clients believe that for as long as their websites are looking good, they will do well in cyberspace and bring them more potential customers.

How it Really Works

Contrary to what the clients think, a website must be very engaging, contain a dynamic user experience and have top-notch graphics and design.

However, you will need more than just amazing graphics to make your website compelling. To some extent, you will need to hire a professional developer to help you make your website better.

The developer will deal with the technical infrastructure and SEO functionality and test them before unleashing the final results.

Where the magic begins

One other factor that contributes to an inferior website is the client’s budget. Once you have set up a budget for your website, you must ensure that you get value for your money.

Even though having an effective, intuitive, and sophisticated website is expensive and complicated, it is worth investing in.

As a client, it is your obligation to invest and trust your developer to do an excellent job.


It goes without saying that clients are not the only ones at fault when it comes to promoting bad websites but developers as well.

If anything, there are plenty of instances where developers themselves have contributed immensely to the creation of bad websites.

How developers have contributed

In most cases, it begins with the developers treating the important digital marketing features as “extras” when contacting their clients.

This year, it is up to the developers to do a better job and deliver quality services. Let them do away with the static and boring data deluge techniques.

Developers should desist from working on projects that are not multidimensional and fully functional.

Even if the client insists on working with a low budget, it is your responsibility as a developer to reject the project.

It is logical to lose a cheap client than to come up with a shoddy job all in the name of cutting costs.

2024 Website Checklist

If you are ready to do away with websites of poor quality and raise the standards, here are some things that you should not negotiate on regardless of whether you are a client or a website developer:

  1. Make the Website Fast Loading

There is nobody in the world that likes to wait for a website to fully load its contents. Make your sites fast-loading even for users with slower internet connections.

  1. Mobile Friendly

Today, many people are using their phones to access the internet and other virtual services. For a better website, make yours mobile friendly so people can access it when they want with whatever smart devices.

  1. The Website Should Be Tracking Enabled

By making the website tracking enabled, you can easily analyze the important data and make changes where needed. This will also help you to survey the traffic, conversations, and goals of your website.

  1. SEO Savvy

Today, the power of Search Engine Optimization cannot be underestimated. SEO plays a huge role in determining how and when people will see the contents of your website.

  1. Enabled CMS

The power of the written word is not long-forgotten yet. Always look for new content that will captivate your audience and make them want to visit your website regularly.

  1. Optimize Conversations

Always implement tools for creating quality campaign landing pages for your conversation-centric clients.

  1. Embrace Email marketing

Until today, emails are still important in digital marketing. They are very effective and embracing them will help you develop your website conveniently.

  1. The power of Social Media

If you get an opportunity to embrace the use of social media, take it. explore the different social media platforms and link them to your website. This way, you can quickly gain more followers who might eventually turn into clients.

  1. Create a Strong Security

Just like any other assets that you may have, never ignore the need to create strong security for your website. Your developer should create security measures for your website that meet all the required protocols.

  1. Progressive Web Apps

Web designers who are well-versed with the latest trends know the need to blend the best web and app features for their users. These apps are better known as Progressive Web Apps.

  1. Machine Learning and AI

Artificial Intelligence is the next big thing and will be here for the foreseeable future. If you do not believe it, look at Siri and Alexa.

And now to the big question, does your website meet the 2024 standards?