Let’s get one thing out of the way…

Submitting technology guest posts will help your website rank quicker, period.

We all know that once you have designed and developed your technology website, you need to focus on promoting your site to other technology enthusiasts.

Check out our large list of technology blogs that accept guest posts, which you can use to contact high DA technology sites and submit your guest post ideas.

Here are just a few of the reasons that outreach guest posts can massively increase the online presence of your technology site.

Brand Awareness

Tech is a comparatively closed sector, so guest blogging is a great tool to create awareness of your brand online. These “kingmaker” sites are those who you need to reach to be able to convert their fans into your fans.

Technology Networking

If you are looking to spread the word out about a technology project or a sale then getting your message out to bloggers is essential to your success. Once you’re connected with a blogger who writes about technology related topics, you have the opportunity to gain access to that blogger’s network and they could also become a client themselves.

Link Building

One of the best ways to generate editorial links back to your site is with guest posts, which will also bring in readers who are interested in your brand to your site to learn more about your company.

As a matter of fact, it is the only technique to truly develop an organic link profile to help boost your search engine optimisation and rank you higher in the search engine results pages.

Industry Events

Many of these bloggers throw events and could invite you for the reason that you have introduced yourself to them as a viable part of their community.

Getting invited to events can lead to other connections or monetary opportunities within your business. You will never know precisely how far you can take your product or service until you share it with others.


To be able to fully develop your product or service, you want to gain valuable feedback from those that are not necessarily fans of yours. You will find these people on other technology sites.

Guest post outreach

By now, you should be ready to start the outreach process. We are now initiating contact with influencers, but before actual contact, we’ve got to start building a relationship with them.

Here are a couple of techniques for building those relationships:

Follow them on social media

Most bloggers and influencers are extremely active on social media. Follow the activity of the best technology influencers. They love to interact with their followers, so there is an amazing opportunity to make a good first impression.

Social media forms the backbone of a blogger outreach strategy. Execute it effectively and pay close attention to the details to gain connections with technology bloggers.

Comment on their blog

By far one of the best methods to catch the eye of the influencer. It is crucial to leave comments that are interesting and relevant to the niche. In addition, if you are positive and also ask a question, then your results using this method will gain a significant uplift.

Share bloggers content

Influencers pay close attention to activities and mentions of their work or brand online and if you share or their content that they will be aware of it. However, be careful not praise them too much or it might come off sounding fake.

Technology guest post templates

When looking to create an effective technology guest post outreach strategy using a perfectly worded outreach email, you will get more positive responses from bloggers.

Sometimes, you will receive a negative response, but don’t be disheartened, this could just be due to bad timing or the need for different content to whay you offered.

This is how you can create an email that will be better than the rest:

  • Make a proper introduction- Be polite, introduce yourself and tell them what you want.
  • Do not use all caps- otherwise it might look like a spam.
  • Point out your value Don’t brag too much or beat around the bush.
  • Be Personal- Do some research about the person you are contacting, it’ll make it more likely they respond positively.
  • Add a branded signature- Add some trustworthiness to your brand.

Example outreach emails

Subject: Loved your piece on {Subject}, would love to guest post for you

Hey {Firstname},

I recently came across {Website/ URL/ Business Name} and saw that you write about finance.

Also, I’ve been writing up on finance and would love the chance to write on your blog. Happy to send some examples.

Let me know what you think.




Subject: You should blog about {Topic}

Hi {Firstname},

As a regular reader of {Website/URL/ Business Name}, I would love to read more about {Subject}, and I think your other readers would as well.

I know you are probably busy and won’t get the time to blog on it, so how about I write it for you?

Don’t worry, I’m a fantastic writer and have had several posts published on {Website/ URL} and {Website/ URL}.

Let me know if you are interested.

I understand what your readers love… as I am one.

Look forward to hearing from you,


Final thoughts

If you want your technology site to become more successful and to rank better in the search engines then submitting guest posts will help you to achieve your goal.

I hope you enjoyed the information in this quick reference guide and are ready to continue your journey into the world of guest posting. Check out our guest blogging service where you can outsource everything to us while you get on with growing your business.