“We”/”Us”/”Our”/”Pressillion Ltd.” means Pressillion Ltd. (15061124) of 4th Floor Silverstream House, 45 Fitzroy Street, London, W1T 6EB and/or any of its subsidiaries and/ or affiliates involved in providing the Services.

“You”/”Your”/”Yourself”/”User”/”Customer” means the user of the Website and/or customer of the Services.

“Services” means any services offered by Pressillion Ltd. on its Website including but not limited to cloud application deployment, management and infrastructure management – commonly referred to as the ‘Pressillion Platform’.

Pressillion Ltd. strives to provide a high quality service and backs it up with a comprehensive Service Level Agreement.

This SLA is an integral part of your agreement with us as referenced in our Terms of Service.

The compensations described in this SLA are your sole and exclusive compensations for the events covered by the SLA.

Pressillion Ltd. may make changes to the Service Level Agreement from time to time. When these changes are made, Pressillion Ltd. will make a new copy of the Service Level Agreement available at Pressillion will also notify You of any substantial changes on the email address provided by You during the registration process, and give You the opportunity to terminate Your contract with Us should you not agree with these substantial changes. You understand and agree that if you use the Services after the date indicated in the said email , Pressillion Ltd. will treat your use as acceptance of the updated Service Level Agreement.

Standard Level of Service (Service Standard)

  • Pressillion’ goal is to ensure that our services are available to Customers twenty-four hours a day, seven days per week, and three hundred sixty-five days per year (Service Availability).
  • Please note that Service Availability refers to Pressillion Platform Console and related services and in no case do we guarantee here the Service Availability of our Partner Cloud Providers (see third party SLAs in Clause 4 below).
  • Pressillion offers a standard support option, Live Chat and a Ticketing System.
  • Chat Service is intended to provide an interactive method to request and receive basic information and troubleshooting assistance on a first-come, first-served basis. Particularly, and to avoid clogging the Live Chat system, interactive support sessions are subject to a maximum duration time depending on the support plan level you are in:
    • Standard Support – 15 minutes max chat duration
  • When the chat duration goes above the limits set above, our Live Chat agents will create a ticket with all information provided during the chat session to be followed up by our senior engineers via our Ticketing System.
  • Our Response Time goal is the time it takes to acknowledge and have the “work started” status only, not the time it takes to resolve the issue in question.
  • High Priority tickets must be related to events that render Customers’ infrastructure and/or services unusable/inaccessible. Other type of events rated as High Priority by Customers and that don’t match this description will be demoted to Normal Priority by Pressillion Ltd.’s personnel and treated accordingly.
  • Pressillion Ltd. realizes that our Service Availability and Response Time goals may not always be met. Accordingly, Clause 2 sets out credits should we fail to meet the Service Availability or Response Time goals.

Credits disbursed when Service Standard is not met

We will compensate our Customers in the event that our Service Standards are not met and provided the Customer(s) would have reported it through our Support Portal. Compensation will be through credit against Your next monthly invoice. You will receive a credit of five percent of Your total fee (for the month in which the SLA was not met) for each hour in which We fail to meet Our Service Standard levels. Collectively, these are referred to as SLA Credits. SLA Credits are based on our monitoring, may not exceed the total amount of Fees you have paid to us for the month in which we failed to meet the Service Standards set out in Clause 1, may not be aggregated, and will not be paid in cash.

Situations in which we will not disburse any Credit

Should we fail to meet the Service Standard goal as a result of scheduled outages, emergency maintenance or Force Majeure Events, the SLA Credit policy will not be applicable.

If the failure to meet the Service Standards is based on a non-standard environment, customer authored code or changes to the Service by parties other than Pressillion Ltd., You will not be entitled to any SLA Credit.

Third party Infrastructure Providers SLAs