Why Choose Pressillion Over Cloudways?

Cloudways, a hosting provider similar to us here at Pressillion, offers you the ability to select your own Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) provider as part of their service. Because of this, we often receive queries from potential clients about how we compare with them. Let’s take a look at the key differences fairly and accurately.

If you’re aiming to discern the disparities between Pressillion and Cloudways to determine the better choice for your business, you’ve come to the right place.

Business Model

The primary difference lies in the markets we serve. Cloudways presents itself as a managed hosting company, ideal for individual businesses seeking better performance with fewer restrictions or WordPress pros needing a budget-friendly host initially.

Pressillion targets serious WordPress agencies and developers looking to expand their WordPress business and offer high-end hosting services or website care plans for clients at a without the premium price.


We’re expanding the horizons of WordPress hosting. Pressillion introduced the first hosting control panel solely for WordPress, offering the most comprehensive backup solution. We focus on building the ultimate WordPress hosting solution.

Cloudways serve various markets and hosting needs.



Both of us offer 24/7 support, but the substantial difference lies in the WordPress-specific support we provide. At Pressillion, our engineers are available 24/7 and solely focus on solving WordPress-specific issues, offering a wealth of knowledge from the WordPress community unlike Cloudways who serve serveral different markets.



Stack and Performance

Pressillion is built from the ground up for WordPress performance, earning top tier honors in tests, competing at the highest levels in the industry.

Cloudways participated tests but didn’t receive the same recognition across multiple categories.

Professional Development

We see ourselves as partners to our clients, helping them develop skills and grow their business. This symbiosis helps us create ideal clients for our platform.

Cloudways, like other managed hosting companies, lack an incentive to aid in hosting skillset growth.


These are the key differences between our services:

Pressillion is tailored for WordPress agencies/professionals seeking to build their hosting service. Cloudways is better suited for individual website owners.
Pressillion offers WordPress-specific support and handles complex websites and high traffic effectively.
Pressillion includes PHP server customisation options, along with daily local backups and the ability to create remote backups at various storage providers.

Pressillion solely focuses on building the best WordPress hosting solution. Cloudways serves multiple markets.

Which Service Is Right For You?

If you’re a website owner or a WordPress pro starting out, seeking a budget-friendly host better than shared hosting, Cloudways might suit your needs.

If you’re a WordPress agency or developer aiming to grow monthly revenue from your hosting offering, Pressillion caters to you. We’re purpose-built for serious WordPress agencies and developers looking to elevate their WordPress business with high-end hosting services for a premium price.

Are you looking to establish a high-end hosting service and add a steady, recurring monthly revenue stream to your WordPress business? We’re here to assist you on that journey.

Ready to make us your new hosting partner?

Our WordPress experts deliver industry-leading managed WordPress hosting with top-tier performance, a 100% uptime SLA, and 24/7 expert support.