As a web agency, you might find yourself needing to relocate a site from Pressillion to another hosting platform.

We understand the need for flexibility in serving your users.

To ensure a seamless transition when the time comes, we’ve streamlined the migration process as much as possible.

In this article, we’ll cover:

With complete root access and no plugin restrictions, migrating away from us has always been straightforward.

Now, even if you prefer to migrate sites manually, we’ve made it even easier.

Procedure for Migrating via Plugins

For a hassle-free migration, consider the following steps to ensure your site is free from unnecessary components at its new host:

  • Disable security hardening plugins
  • Disable caching plugins

Removing any plugins that are no longer essential is also good practice.

It ensures you hand over a properly cleaned-up website to your clients.

Plugin Recommendations

While we don’t officially endorse any plugins, you shouldn’t encounter issues using popular migration or backup plugins when moving your website away from Pressillion.

Here are our top choices, listed in order:

  1. All in One WP Migration
  2. Migrate Guru
  3. Updraftplus (Premium)
  4. Duplicator

If you have a personal favorite that’s not among these four, chances are it will work just fine too.