Why this link building guide?

Over the coming months I am going to impart all of the knowledge I have gained since I started my SEO journey with my very first website back in 2002 and ranking it for SEO Agency Manchester, by writing what I hope will become a comprehensive link building guide, done the right way.

I noticed that there was a lack of really insightful information on the topic. However, not anymore.

In this article, I have identified the various important link building concepts that will be ideal for your regime. Whether its guest posting or PR funneling, you will gain insight into the best ways to run your link building regime.

Who is this guide for?

If your site recently got compromised by the Google algorithm updates, then you need to gain insight into contemporary link building.

If you are tired of learning about social bookmarks and press releases, then this guide is also ideal for your needs. More so, those who want precise sources for scoring backlinks will also love the content In this guide.

It is also ideal for those who operate niche affiliate sites or those who run Fortune 500 businesses.

How to implement this information

You can use this guide to link building as the perfect place to start link building. If you feel that you have a handle that is operational and you only want to Learn about some new strategies, then feel free to go through this guide.

I am sure that you will come across some useful techniques that will take your site to the next level. If you have a basic understanding of SEO and you want some additional information, then this guide is also ideal.

New information on link building

Ignore any irrelevant information that you have come across in relation to link building before early 2012.

This is because the Penguin algorithm updates have essentially evolved the way In which we will perform SEO.

I will give you some background information about SEO and provide an approach to link building to suit your needs.

Most importantly, I will also provide you with information on how to protect your site against Google algorithm updates, which are common and often severe

The evaluation of a perfect link

Now its time to gain insight into how to evaluate the ranking power of a link.

Although the SEO world has been obsessed with the updates, Google has essentially evolved the way In which they determine the value of a link.

Whether you use a white hat, black hat, or grey hat, ensure that you read this section.

Epic content link building

The basis of every top website is to have top-notch content. One of the main mistakes that people make when it comes to SEO is to be mainly focused on link building.

That said, when you develop high-quality content, then link building becomes like icing on the cake.

It allows you to develop a good readership and to demonstrate that you are an authority in this niche.

Similar to any business, developing a coherent link building approach involves using a special formula.

Here I will demonstrate the main techniques that you can use to produce content that has high-quality links and followers.

Submission backlinks

Not all links can be earned by using close ties or perhaps outstanding content. I have provided some of the secret techniques for developing links from authority sites within minutes.

These high-quality links won’t develop the backbone of your profile, but they can help you surpass other SERPs.

.Gov and.Edu backlinks

The best techniques in link building include using the .ede and .gov domains since they are the most trustworthy and authoritative.

Once you acquire these, you will have developed an asset that other similar niche sites will wish for. That said, these links are sometimes difficult to find without leading to spamming.

In this chapter, I will cover some sure-fire white hat techniques to help you find top-rated .edu and .gov backlinks.

Relationship-based link building

You have come across this before, `avoid building links, rather develop relationships.`

Almost every SEO user will tell you that the best technique to acquire authority links from sites is to get acquainted with the owners/ editors.

That said, one complication is that no one will provide you with information for achieving this goal. In this section, I will identify how you can develop lasting relationships with these types of sites without compromising your value.

More so, I’ll also demonstrate how to leverage the benefits of tools such as Buzzstream to keep track of your new friends.

Broken link building

Searching for white hat link building that is reasonable. Then you will appreciate broken link building which is a famous link building approach.

I will inform you on how to find various targets and quickly identify any broken links as well as reaching out to website owners.

To ensure that you make the most out of links, I will provide you with various field tested email scripts

Scrapebox link building

Scrapebox is one of the best tools for link building. While it is mostly used by Black Hat SEO, this tool can also be ideal for white hats.

Iwill identify the main ways through which you can leverage the benefits of using the SEO tool and to improve your link building approaches.

Converting images into links

Developing content is not the only way through which you can build links. In this section, I will identify how you can easily and quickly produce high-quality images and forward them to authority links.

More so, I will also demonstrate my step by step approach for acquiring the Most links, social shares and traffic as well.

Black hat and guest posting

You are already informed that guest posting is one of the best approaches to building links and directing traffic to your site.

Whether you are new to guest posting or want to achieve more from your guest posting activities, you will want to read this section. I provide information that will inform you on how to locate superior guest posting opportunities and to develop top guest post contents.

Also, I will provide information on the top hacks to make your guest posting simpler and easier.

Funneling page rank

This is a rare gem and advanced SEO technique that is awesome for improving the quality of backlinks that are found on low PR pages.

Here, I will provide information on how to get more value from Pinterest and various authority sites

Grey hat linkbuilding

If you are one of those people who likes putting in work, then you might consider using grey hat SEO techniques.

Using grey hat techniques in a white campaign can improve your results. In this section, I will identify some of the hidden techniques of tiered link building, paid links and blog networks.

That said, ensure that you note that these techniques are some what risky than some of the approaches found in this guide. Use them at your own risk.