Over the past years, we’ve migrated numerous websites to our hosting platform, including some massive ones – think 85GB websites and extensive networks with 900+ websites.

How to Migrate a Large WordPress Website

For these migrations, we’ve found success using two primary plugins: All in One WP Migration and Migrate Guru.

These plugins seamlessly integrate with Pressillion and are our go-to tools for most client migrations.

Before diving into the migration process, taking a few preparatory steps can help you avoid common issues.

This article will walk you through those steps.

Avoiding Common Problems

For smaller sites, migrating with AIO and services like Dropbox or Backblaze B2 takes minutes.

However, when dealing with larger websites, failed migrations can be time-consuming and frustrating.

Whether the failure occurs midway or after completion, it’s an ordeal.

To mitigate this risk, we recommend exploring known issues that might arise during migration.

Preparing your Website

In addition to the advice provided in the article above, here are some steps to prepare your website for migration:

  • Remove unnecessary backups (ensure you have them stored safely elsewhere)
  • Optimize your database for better performance
  • Completely disable and uninstall Wordfence
  • Clear all caching and disable caching plugins
  • Disable any non-essential plugins

While not all steps are mandatory (Wordfence especially can disrupt migrations), they can streamline and expedite the migration process.

For many sites, disabling unnecessary plugins might suffice, but reducing potential interference is always beneficial.

Three Tried and Tested Methods

The methods outlined below are proven to work effectively.

If opting for plugins, Migrate Guru is a free solution that excels at migrating substantial websites.

1. Migrate with rsync

Preferred by seasoned developers, this method is quick and efficient if you have the required server access.

Here’s our guide on migrating using WP-CLI and rsync:

How to Migrate a WordPress Website with WP-CLI and rsync

2. Migrate Guru

We’ve successfully transferred massive websites, including extensive e-commerce and multisite setups, using Migrate Guru. While it might take time (e.g., 30 hours for a 50GB site), it’s remarkably reliable.

Here’s our comprehensive walkthrough:

Migrate sites to Pressillion using Migrate Guru

3. All in One WP Migration

Tested extensively, this plugin has successfully migrated huge websites, particularly when using its premium extensions.

Explore our walkthrough guide:

Migrate Sites to Pressillion using All In One WP Migration