Let’s get straight to the point….

Writing fashion guest posts brings your site both amazing link-building opportunities and traffic benefits.

The process of producing content, and then doing outreach to other sites to get your content published is known as guest posting or guest blogging. It is a highly effective marketing tool for fashion sites to take advantage of for a number of very good reasons.

From helping you improve the search engine ranking of your site, to building relationships and being seen as an authority in the fashion industry. There are positive results to be gained from posting your content to other sites other than your own.

The following are the major positive aspects of fashion guest posting:

Focused Exposure

In order for any business to make online sales, it needs to get in front of as many individuals as possible, so they know you exist and what you can do to make them more fashionable.

So guest blogging on more established sites in the fashion niche, where you target customers already visit is one of the best ways to achieve this goal. A quality fashion guest post on a high authority website will help announce your brand and product to your potential customers.

Link Building

The quality fashion blogs out there that accept guest posts and permit the use of links within the content are fantastic for link building, however, for those that don’t, you can still use links in the author bio.

Make sure that you use your target keywords as the anchor text and be conscientious when choosing the blogs for your guest posts as low-quality sites will hurt your website ranking.


Another advantage of guest post outreach is the quality of traffic it will attract to your site.  The principal aim of a business should be to build traffic channels that may send you appropriate visitors who are interested in your fashion brand.

This is what makes guest posting a truly effective marketing tool. A fashion guest post on a high DA site enables you to take advantage of the loyal visitors of an already established brand and route them to your own site.

Networking Opportunities

Guest blogging connects you with influential people in fashion. It helps you to bypass industry barriers, giving you an opportunity to woo important players. Let’s face it, fashion influencers are very well connected, so if they endorse your product or service it will increase your sales and help other business partnerships become available to you.

Builds Credibility

Anyone can claim to be an authority on the internet these days. But, only if your business is endorsed by fashion influencers and leaders in the industry, will it really gain real credibility. Such endorsements show you to be an expert in fashion also portray the brand as one that fully understands its customers.

Social Media

Most websites share their content on social media platforms which means that when you get published in the best fashion blogs people will get an announcement about your post and if your content is worthwhile, it will be shared. This helps you to enhance your social media following and help your brand to grow.

How to Outreach Effectively

Many startups are making a common mistake, by reaching out to every blogger in the fashion niche is not the best strategy.

In order to avoid making the same mistake,  you need to set up some standards.

Do not make any contacts before you answer this question:

Is the website following the latest SEO trends?

Firstly, you do not have to follow blindly every step in the SEO guides. Optimization based on your business needs is the most important. Although, some trends and SEO standards are important for a quality website. Some of the most important are:

  • Quality content
  • Clean URL links
  • Quality keywords
  • Mobile friendly
  • How often is the website updated?
  • Is there regular activity on their website?
  • Are there visitors and legitimate comments?

If the website is active with regular comments then the website can pass this test. There is no point in making a connection with websites that are not active as it will affect the quality of your site negatively.

  • Social media activity

Social media has been the most powerful marketing tool for years now. It can make your content go viral in a matter of minutes. That is why is important to find a quality influencer who has a lot of followers and subscribers on social media. Analyze the activity of the audience. It is a great sign if the audience shares and interact with content.

  • Quality of backlinks (Domain Authority)

Domain Authority is a metric used to rate the quality and popularity of websites. Having quality backlinks is always important and it is one of the SEO trends that lasts for years. By picking a quality backlink, you will have a good diverse anchor text ratio.

Remember, be aware that there are a lot of scammers out there. So if you offer quality and reliable content, your brand will gain respect and authority in your niche.


Now you have a clearer picture of what you are looking for in the influencer and understand why you should apply this strategy. Start getting more traffic and building your fashion business by submitting to these fashion blogs that accept guest posts, or if you would rather outsource the outreach, then you can with our blogger outreach service.