Founded in 2008, Crafted Digital quickly established itself as a trailblazer in web solutions. Originally a Microsoft partner, the company successfully bridged the gap between traditional graphic design and the burgeoning internet industry, adapting as technology advanced.

By the early ’10s, Crafted led the way in web development for graphic design agencies utilising Microsoft systems. This was a time when websites were crafted from scratch.

Embracing WordPress and Advanced Web Services

As the internet landscape evolved, so did Crafted. In the 2010s, the company became an adopter of WordPress, laying the foundation for its specialized web services. Today, Crafted excels in advanced software development, website maintenance, and hosting.

“We craft custom WordPress sites for agencies using cutting-edge technologies,” says the team. Their expertise ensures that their sites are robust, secure, and lightning-fast. Additionally, they adeptly handle projects involving visual builders and various themes to cater to diverse agency needs.

CEO and Founder Will Savage recently shared insights into how Crafted’s partnership with Pressillion has revolutionized their offerings, enabling them to provide advanced web solutions that stand the test of time.

The Quest for Innovation in Hosting

In the past, Crafted explored various hosting providers like Flywheel, Liquid Web, WP Engine, and Pantheon. However, the stagnation in innovation and development with these providers prompted the company to seek alternatives. They needed a hosting partner that continuously evolves in performance and security.

“We thrive on innovation. A hosting service that remains static for years doesn’t align with our vision. If we don’t see evolution, we start looking elsewhere,” Will explained.

High Standards for Hosting Services

Crafted demands that their hosting provider matches the high standards of quality and reliability they promise to their clients. WILL emphasized, “We require a hosting service that aligns with our commitment to high-quality and reliable service. Robust security measures are crucial, as cybersecurity is a key focus within our company.”

Choosing a hosting provider involves meeting stringent technical and operational criteria:

  • Reliable DNS: “DNS is crucial for site functionality. We invest significantly in premium DNS services to ensure reliability,” Will noted.
  • Powerful Managed Hosting: They need hosting that supports PHP workers for computational power, offers substantial disk space, and handles complex setups like Multisite and ecommerce platforms.
  • Built-in Developer Tools: Essential features include staging environments, adequate bandwidth, and CDN.

“Our philosophy is to provide the highest quality in terms of offering, security, performance, uptime, 24/7 support, and scalability.”

Golden Rules for Hosting

Crafted’s non-negotiable criteria for hosting services are:

  • Isolation: Each hosting service must be isolated and not shared with other clients.
  • Transferability: Hosting services must be transferable without IP changes.
  • Essential Features: A one-click restore backup option and a control panel for sub-user access.
  • 24-hour Support: A help desk must be accessible to the end customer around the clock.

“Pressillion meets all these requirements. Its hosting solutions align perfectly with our rigorous standards,” Will shared.

Tailored Hosting Solutions with Pressillion

Finding a hosting provider that meets such a comprehensive list of requirements was challenging, but Pressillion stood out. Their solutions cover all of Crafted’s hosting needs and continually evolve to meet new demands.

Advanced Hosting Powered by Pressillion

Pressillion’s powerful infrastructure supports Crafted’s clients with managed hosting services tailored to their needs. This results in reduced latency, increased site speed, and the ability to handle traffic spikes without downtime.

Enhanced Security and Developer Tools

Pressillion’s platform ensures that each site runs in an isolated software container, maintaining 100% privacy. The integration of Cloudflare provides industry-standard security with dual firewalls, automatic detection of brute force attacks, and enhanced protection against the latest threats. Features like free SSL certificates and an IP deny tool further simplify site security for clients

Simplifying Site Management

Pressillion provides analytics reports for data analysis, performance insights, and simplified site management. Integration with development tools allows Crafted’s team to maintain high-performance sites efficiently.

Comprehensive Backups and Staging Environments

At Pressillion, daily automatic backups are standard, with options for on-demand backups before key actions. Multiple staging environments allow the team to test changes thoroughly before going live, optimising client sites to their fullest potential.

Reliable Support and Performance

Pressillion’s 24/7/365 expert support ensures Crafted and its clients receive immediate assistance for any hosting or WordPress-related issues. Proactive monitoring checks each hosted site every three minutes, ensuring optimal performance and security.

A Game-Changing Partnership

Integrating Pressillion into Crafted’s operations enhanced their “managed hosting” system, providing two layers of support: direct client interactions and initial troubleshooting by Crafted, with in-depth technical support from Pressillion. Today, 85% of Crafted’s hosting business is on Pressillion, supporting over 160 sites.

“Pressillion is our top provider because they’ve never let us down. Their continuous evolution is crucial for us,” Will explained.

Delivering Top-Notch Services

Will emphasizes the importance of reliable hosting for their tech services. “When discussing our services with clients, we highlight the benefits of using a certified hosting provider. This ensures top-notch upkeep, safety, and performance.”

By integrating Pressillion’s solutions into its WP-Help package, Crafted elevates its service offerings, providing scalable, secure, and fast services to its clients.

Upgraded WordPress Maintenance Services

“Our WP-Help package offers comprehensive support for WordPress sites, including maintenance, security, backups, and emergency response,” Will shared.

Thanks to Pressillion’s robust infrastructure, the WP-Help package includes:

  • Daily Security Monitoring: Dual-layer monitoring with vulnerability scans every three minutes.
  • Worry-Free Backups: Comprehensive backups for additional data security.
  • Optimized Performance: High-speed performance for all hosted clients.

Peace of Mind with 24/7/365 Expert Support

Pressillion’s round-the-clock support proved invaluable during a crisis where a client’s site was severely compromised. “Pressillion’s support team was quick to action, working with us tirelessly to resolve the issue,” Will recalled.


Crafted relies on Pressillion’s industry-leading hosting to power over 160 client sites, providing robust support, powerful hosting, and reliable maintenance. Pressillion’s innovative hosting solutions have significantly enhanced Crafted’s ability to deliver high-quality services, making Pressillion their preferred provider.

“Partnering with Pressillion enables us to provide cutting-edge hosting services that adapt to our customers’ needs, strengthening our reputation for reliability and innovation,” concludes Will, founder, and CEO of Crafted Digital.