With Pressillion, you have complete, unobstructed access to your WordPress servers.

This means you can connect to them directly as a root user to perform various command line tasks like utilizing WP-CLI or following our comprehensive step-by-step knowledge base articles.

Let’s walk through the process.

Step 1: Ensure an Active SSH Key

Before diving in, ensure you have an active SSH key uploaded to your settings and linked to the server you intend to access.

If you haven’t done this yet, follow these straightforward steps:

  • If you don’t possess an SSH key, generate one using Termius or other recommended methods on Mac, or Windows (using Putty, CMD/PowerShell, or Windows Subsystem for Linux).
  • Copy the entire content of the generated key file and paste it into the designated Public Key input field in SSH Settings.

Note: Although you might have named your SSH Key differently in Settings, it will be added to the server as a root user key, requiring root user privileges to connect.

Step 2: Connecting to Your Server as Root via SSH

Once your SSH key is added to the server, you’re set to establish a connection as the root user.

We recommend using Termius for a seamless and quick connection.


If you’ve used a different program to create your key, you can connect to your server by opening that program and entering the following command:

ssh root@{ip-address}

For example:

ssh root@

Usually, the key creation program sets up your shell to locate your private key.

However, if that doesn’t work, specify the location of your SSH private key as follows:

ssh -i ~/path/to/your-key root@{ip-address}

For example:

ssh -i ~/home/yourusername/.ssh/id_rsa root@
ssh -i ~/Users\yoursuser/.ssh/id_rsa root@

Upon execution, your local machine will establish a connection with your remote server, granting you full access with administrative privileges.