Been working from home lately? Maybe you’re finally getting around to sprucing up your workspace to make it a more enjoyable space to spend time. Well, what better way to get some inspiration than to look at other freelancers workspace? After all, creatives should have plenty of design experience to apply to a workspace to make sure it is comfortable, functional, and creates productivity.

Look through the vibrant and eclectic workspaces of freelance website designers from around the world courtesy of Dribble below to get your creative juices flowing.

Scott Biersack

“My home office consists of a little bit of everything I love. Action figures, everything Nintendo related, video games, inspiring artwork from friends, and of course, natural light!”

Miguel Camacho

“From my desk, I can see birds building their nests, storks feeding their babies on top of a tower, and a stunning blue sky as a background. No, I don’t need anything more to be inspired. I feel lucky.”

Cami Dobrin

“I like working from home because it’s a quiet space where I can concentrate. I think a peaceful space to work in and my graphic tablet are the essentials to my productivity.”

Radostina Georgieva

My desk is big enough to fit everything I need: a bunch of paper & pencils, my tablet & laptop, my plants, and even some of my Kinder egg toys. The wall above my desk is filled with work in progress, sketches, and posters.

Chloe Jackson

“My home studio is a bright and airy space full of artwork, books, and trinkets that I’ve collected from my travels. I have a lot of plants and love looking after them as it gets me away from my office